Stage 1 fullAfter a few months where we have updated in our social media, we come back here to talk about some of this things. The development continue, we are working in the stage 1, slowly, because is needed test many things to use in other locations: so we need model, add, test, optimize. The idea is make things useful to the future.

Moreover we looks for a workflow to do a mesh for our 3D grass, in a simple, accurate and fast way.

is hard to find free time to work, Facundo have lot of work -luckyly- with Punto Simu. But maybe with the holidays of Formula E this development can be a bit more faster.

We’ve waiting a third-party content to develop the car physics and maybe for use in playability stuffs and this content is delayed too.

I’m not worried this delay in the development, because I haven’t a deadline defined. I prefer a delay in the development but make a good game with a good quality level. We are showing some screens and info of the stage 1 coming soon!

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