Frequently asked questions

About the game

Extreme Rally Raid? ERR?

Extreme Rally Raid wants to be a 3D PC game, close to rally raid races experiences, as the name is saying. The rally raid offer extreme races, long and strong stages, in natural environments with a lower human intervention. Is an idea and development of Punto Simu.

Punto Simu?

Punto Simu specializes in the development of tracks and cars for simulation. Design tracks for Fórmula E teams and simulation’s companies. Facundo Galella, its creator, is the ideologue of Extreme Rally Raid.

Where I can play it?

In PC, for performance and playability reasons. Concerning the operating systems will be decided in the future.

Minimum requeriments

Is too soon to talk of this, there will be stages with much content and we will try to optimize the performance to spend the least as resources as possible.

How and when will be published?

We don’t know yet. We’re starting the development and from Argentine everything is a bit more hard in some points.

About the content


The idea es have many cars that today can race in these rallyes. Although, we have place to some surprises. When we are progressing in this point we will detail this in this website.


Stage of rally raid races in different environments will be created: rural ways, mountain, desert. The goal is have locations with differents skills difficulties too.

About the playability

Race modes
  • Extreme Raid: a exciting and hard race, with stages of a good duration that will supose a challenge for the players.
  • Novice Raid: if you want to live the rally raid races experience but in a short version and a bit simplified this is the best choice. If you’re starting in the rally raid world or car racing is a good choice to begin with the difficulties of this sport.
  • Shakedown: if you target is test the car without a timer this race mode is the best one. This mode will count with different locations for test different things.
  • Challenges: a good variety of races to challenge to players, with different dificulty levels and a good diversity of options.

At the moment works perfect with keyboard, obviously the goal is add another inputs, like steering wheels. But this take development’s time and now this not is a priority.

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